From facilitating board retreats to developing or updating your economic development organization's strategic plan...

Cook Strategies Group is ready to assist you with a diverse

array of services, including:


Establishing a strategic framework or plan, which may include:

- community visioning

- facilitating board retreats

- value chain analysis

- target industry analysis

- competitor benchmarking

- SWOT analysis


Comprehensive strategy development which may include:

- business, industry and FDI attraction

- business retention & expansion

- international trade

- recruiting military missions




cook strategies group is currently a "group of one", which means your organization will receive cost-effective and personal attention.  with more than 30 years of economic development experience in the united states and mexico, bob cook (president/ceo) has successfully closed transactions with companies from around the globe, and has access to a wide range of other economic development professionals that can be brought in if/as needed.  the core services offered by cook strategies group are designed to help you gain a strategic advantage by "taking your eye off the ball".  these include...



Now there's something you probably never hear. While "keeping your eye on the ball" can be an important tactic, it does not suffice as a strategy.

At age 9, I was playing baseball in the street with my dad when something happened that forever changed my perspective. A ground ball skipped underneath my glove and began rolling down the street toward our driveway. With my head down and eyes focused on the ball (as I was always taught), I chased the ball over a distance of more than 30 feet ....not seeing the open tailgate of our family station wagon that was in my path. The resulting collision (along with my blue-collar dad's attempt to perform emergency medicine ) was merely a funny story that I had told hundreds of times-- until 2002. That year, after having related that story to a group of business associates-- one of them challenged me to consider how that event may be applied as a "lesson learned" for business. It was then that I actually began to see the strategic importance of "taking your eye off the ball".

In 2002, I began developing a strategic planning approach that I refer to as "take your eye off the ball". The method is simple, clear and fun-- helping EDO and business leaders to step away from their daily execution of tasks and accomplish the following....

-- assess the strategic direction of your organization, community or company

-- involve important stakeholder groups (internal and external) to insure you receive 360 degree insight that will enhance the strategic direction of your organization

-- identify core strengths and opportunities, uncovering the truly unique aspects of your community, product or service and the customers that can benefit from them

--create a strategic framework for collaboration, communication and accountability


For companies seeking to serve the North American marketplace, Mexico can be a strategic platform for the delivery of a diverse range of products and sevices.  More than 20 years of my career have been involved in actively promoting Mexico-- having helped attract almost 20,000 jobs there in the past eight years alone. Cook Strategies Group can help your company or site location advisor with services such as: 

- collection of data on all aspects of doing business in Mexico

- analysis of the various options for establishing a presence in Mexico  (outsource, shelter, or stand-alone)

- security/risk assessments

- due diligence on industrial land and buildings



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